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Atlungstad Destillery

Atlungstad Brenneri is a distillery which has been producing potato-based spirit for over 160 years. It was built in 1856 and was one of Norway’s leading distilleries. Atlungstad Brenneri continues as a producing distillery and as a working museum, telling the history of Norwegian distilleries and Norwegian aquavit.

A visit with us will guide you through the history of the distillery and the process from whole potatoes to the finished liquid, golden product.

Guided tours with multilingual guide.

Guided tours and presentations
Minimum 20 people
Tour of the distillery. Tour of the distillery and aquavit presentation with sampling. Aquavit presentation with combined aquavit and food sampling.

Minimum 20 people
Our food is seasonal, menu and prices are available upon request.


Please note that there is a bit of walking and steep stairs on the property, so we recommend good footwear.If anyone requires assistance, please let us know in advance so we can accommodate their needs.

For more information or booking of tours,
Atlungstad Brenneri,
Ole Volden Sandersen,
(+47) 62 33 00 55  

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