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Dale-Gudbrands Gard

Are you looking for accommodation in Gudbrandsdalen – perhaps a suitable lunch venue for your group, a conference space, or the perfect setting for a family celebration? At Dale-Gudbrands Gard you can experience modern comfort and good food in beautiful surroundings.

Few Norwegian estates can match the rich cultural history of Dale-Gudbrands Gard in Hundorp. As far back as the Viking era, it was an important gathering place for significant meetings and major events.

The first big meeting took place in 1021 between the Viking king, Olaf Haraldsson (995 – 29 July 1030), and the landowner, Dale Gudbrand. The meeting has been described in “Heimskringla” by the Icelandic historian and poet Snorre Sturlasson, and marked the beginning of the introduction of Christianity in Gudbrandsdalen. Today, Dale-Gudbrands Gard consists of six buildings. All are used for accommodation, dining, and conferences.

Located in Gudbrandsdalen, about seven miles north of Lillehammer, this historic and beautiful estate is the perfect venue for any occasion.

The hotel and “Skrivargarden”
Experience modern comfort in historical surroundings. The estate consists of six buildings comprising 17 newly refurbished high-standard rooms. In addition, the estate has one grand suite, said to be among Gudbrandsdalen’s most elegant rooms. Dale-Gudbrands Gard is the perfect choice for anyone looking for accommodation in Gudbrandsdalen. We also have 7 rooms of more basic standard.

Explore the vast cultural landscape
When you step outside, you are greeted with a unique cultural landscape which overlooks the village of Sør Fron and the majestic river Lågen. The garden at Dale Gudbrands Gard is in spectacular bloom during the summer months, with long sweeping lawns and historic Viking graves.

There are a number of burial mounds within the hotel grounds, which are believed to contain the remains of some of the powerful members of the Gudbrand family who ran the farm and the area for hundreds of years. The size and shape of the mound illustrated the person’s standing in society. A small stone circle is also located within the grounds, and is an indication of ancient settlement.

How to get here
By road from Lillehammer, Dale Gudbrands Gard can be found just off the E6, at Hundorp,  direction Trondheim, approx. 7 minutes north of Ringebu town centre. The farm is signposted with the official brown signs indicating an attraction, and offers easy access and ample parking.

Dale-Gudbrands gard
Sofie Kvåle, +47 952 18 225

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