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At Valsøya you will be served amazing food according to local Norwegian traditions. The restaurant called “Saltrøfjøset” was originally built in 1760 and was re-constructed here in 1999 and is still used today. In the restaurant we have seating for 70 people, spread over two floors so you will always be able to find a table. We serve traditionally rich food in a cozy atmosphere throughout the summer with a heated indoor area to keep you warm and dry on any colder/ wet days.

A traditional Norwegian dish called ‘Lettsalta lammekjøtt’ or slow cooked salted lamb with potatoes, carrots and cabbage stew is our bestseller. It is locally made and a favourite of everyone who tastes it!


We offer a range of accommodation options to suit you, your family or work conferences. We have 4 apartments, 2 houses and 3 pod houses on Valsøya.


At Valsøya you, your family or your company can choose from a variety of activities on the island and in the surrounding area. We have a brand-new climbing par with 35 different obstacles and zip-lines. You can do boat trips and fishing, and we have our own mazing island “Engholmen” for special occasions.

Magny Strand, +47 915 55 165



Below: Pictures from the climbing park are taken by Oddgeir Visnes. Picture of “The sunset of Valsøya” is taken by Jacub Fiser. Picture of the little girl having lunch is taken by Magny Strand. All other pictures are taken by André T. Ormset-Paredes.

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