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2. Pilgrimage along the St. Olav way

I think it is the light that makes Gudbrandsdalen Norway’s most beautiful valley. But it is more than that. You will see and experience it for yourself on your journey.

Enjoy the landscape and culture in the heart of Norway

  • Mountains, hills and lakes
  • Scenic landscape
  • Culture and history
  • Peace and quietness

We take you through beautiful scenery and to historic places. During the trip you will walk parts of the pilgrimage route ending in Trondheim. Gudbrandsdalen – Norway’s most beautiful valley, and I didn’t even know it! Not until I left behind the concrete jungle, parked the car and let the train pass on by – put on my walking shoes and set off on the Pilgrim Path. It may be the incredible light! !I think it is the light that makes Gudbrandsdalen Norway’s most beautiful valley. But it is more than that. You will see and experience it for yourself on your journey.”


  • Duration: 7 days, 6 nights
  • Highlights:
    • Experience medival Hamar at Anno Domkirkeodden. Here lies the ruins of the old Hamar Cathedral.
    • Dale-Gudbrands gard – this hotel sit among some of the region’s most culturally and historically significant land, dating back 1300 years.
    • Afternoon walk along the pilgrim route Gudbrandsdalsleden, which is the longest pilgrim route in Norway, and was the main road to Nidaros, today’s Trondheim, in the Middle Ages.
    • Alternative 1; 2 hours walk (6 km) visiting the church, Rudi Gard and Sygard Grytting.
    • Alternative 2; 1,5 hours walk including a visit to the the church
    • National parks
    • Pilgrimage walk at Dovrefjell including packed lunch
    • Visiting Eysteinkyrkja at Hjerkinn
    • Exploring Viewpoint Snøhetta with great views to the Dovrefjell mountains
    • Pilgrimpath from Lian to Trondheim. The last km on the path into the cathedral. Experience the feeling when you see the Nidaros Cathedral for the first time.
    • Exploring Trondheim

Day 1

On this first day you will travel from your country to Norway and arrive in Oslo. In Oslo, you will visit a variety for attractions, e.g. the Vigeland sculpture park, the parliament (Stortinget), the royal palace, Aker Brygge Wharf and the main street Karl Johan. Option is to make the visit in Oslo a good start for your pilegrimage walk and visit the medival sites in Oslo.

Day 2

Departure from Oslo to Hamar (approx. 2 hours) for a stop at Anno Domkirkeodden. On the headland of Domkirkeodden just north of modern town Hamar lie the ruins of the old Hamar Cathedral, erected in connection with the creation of the diocese in 1152/53. The location at the highest point of the headland made the cathedral a mighty landmark visible from long distances when sailing at the lake Mjøsa. Experience a tour in medieval Hamar, a beautiful museum park with an open-air museum, exhibitions, famous architecture, a herb garden etc. Lunch at Rudshøgda. Travel from Rudshøgda to Hundorp and Dale- Gudbrands gard. Check-in at hotel. An afternoon walk along the Pilegrimsleden from Fåvang to Ringebu including visit to the Ringebu Stave Church (with guide) (Visit Ringebu Stave church and Ringebu Prestegård if bad weather). ”I bear witness to mighty mountains and valleys,” writes Aasmund Olavsson Vinje in Ferdaminne. You may also express this sentiment after having crossed through this varied stretch of countryside. Some asphalted roads, but mostly gravel roads. On this stretch of the Pilegrim path, you can experience the Rolla nature reserve with its unique fauna. The dramaturgy of the local environment includes a cairn site, a hillfort, an ancient Norse embankment and one of the largest stave churches in Norway. Time to relax and enjoy the surrounding at Dale-Gudbrands gard. Story – telling. Information about the historical place at Dale-Gudbrand. Dinner and overnight stay at Dale-Gudbrands gard.

Domkirkeodden in Hamar, the medival Cathedral. Photo: Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiver.

Day 3

Excursion to the  Geiranger fjord, to get the mighty views of the fjord. Several options for things to do:

  •  Sighthseeing tour on the fjord
  •  Visit the Fjord Centre
  •  Dalsnibba / Geiranger Skywalk, viewpoint

We will have late lunch in Skjåk at Skeid Kro – local produce upon return A stop in the National Park village Lom to visit the  Lom Stave church from 1170.

Lom Stave church

Day 4

Departure from the hotel. We do lunch the Norwegian way today, and you will need to bring a packed lunch for this day. Pilgrimage from Hageseter to Eysteinkyrkja with guide. The walk takes about 4 hours and  ends with a visit to the church, Eysteinkyrka. We will stop for lunch along the way. Check in at Hjerkinnhus. In the afternoon a guided walk to Viewpoint Snøhetta. See Dovre at its best. Experience nature, culture and architecture that has captivated thousands of visitors. We walk the 1.5 km long gravel path to viewpoint SNØHETTA and experience the 10,000 year history of Dovrefjell. Dinner and overnight stay.

The Viewpoint Snøhetta at Dovrefjell.

Day 5

Departure from Hjerkinn towards Trondheim. (bring packed lunch) We stop at Lian, approx 8 km from Trondheim and walk the final leg of the pilgrimage route. This short tour from the outskirts of Trondheim to the historic Baklandet takes you through the last leg of the pilgrim route to Nidaros Cathedral. Experience the feeling when you see the cathedral for the first time. 4 hours. Arrival in Trondheim and Nidaros Cathedral. We end the pilgrimage walk at the Nidaros Pilegrimage Centre after visiting the Nidaros Cathedral. Transport to and check in at Hotel.

From the pilgrimage walk.

Day 6

We will explore Trondheim. Visiting a variety of attactions or spending the time on your own exploring the city. Dinner at a chosen restaurant before taking the night train back to Oslo. Departure from Trondheim approx. 23.00

The Nidaros Cathedral. Photo: Klaus Prediger

Day 7

Are you ready to head back home? On the final day of the trip, we will make sure you get a nice breakfast  at Oslo Airport before we say goodbye, and hopefully: “see you soon”.  


  •  Oslo – Hamar  1,5 hours
  •  Hamar – Hundorp  2 hours
  •  Hundorp – Dombås  1,5 hours
  •  Dombås – Hjerkinn   30 minutes
  •  Hjerkinn – Trondheim  2,5 hours
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