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4. The Heart of Norway

Explore the best of Norway – right in the heart of Norway.

Montains and hills. Lakes. Fjords and coast. City and countryside. Culture and history. “In The Heart of Norway” is a seven day trip where you can enjoy the scenic landscape and culture in some of the most beautiful parts of Norway.

Day 1

On the first day of the trip, you will travel from your home country to Norway. The final destination of the day, is Beitostølen. A stunning mountain village in the heart of Norway.

Day 2

Explore the Jotunheimen National park. Enjoy village life, local products and local handcrafts.

Sightseeing in Beitostølen; a programme rich of impressions. You may walk up the alpine slopes to get the great views of Beitostølen and the surroundings. We may see the top of the mountain Bitihorn from here. It is possible to use the chairlift instead of walking up and down the hill.

Alternatively; boat excursion lake Bygdin. Departure from the hotel by coach to Bygdin, continue by passenger boat across the hill stretch of lake Bygdin to Eidsbugarden. Enjoy the sight of the Jotunheimen National Park with panoramas of high peaks and glaciers. Lunch pack. Return by coach along lake Vangsmjøsa. Visit a Stave Church and the oldest house in Valdres. Return over the Slettefjellpass to Beitostølen.

Boat excursion lake Bygdin.
Boat excursion lake Bygdin. Photo: Aud Eva Bergo.

Day 3

Enjoy Beitostølen in the morning. Departure from Beitostølen through Jotunheimen national Park along the Valdresflye national tourist route –photostop. Lunch in Dombås. Rauma Railway from Åndalsnes to Dombås.

The Rauma Railway running between Åndalsnes and Dombås is known as one of Norway’s wildest and most beautiful train journeys. The tour takes you through the beautiful Romsdalen to famous natural attractions like the Trollveggen cliff face and the Kylling bridge. On our way to Molde, we will take a detour to see Trollveggen, the Troll Wall. Molde is known for its beautiful surroundings and stunning views.

Enjoy the sight of the 222 mountain peaks in the Molde panorama. Norwegians will say that Molde is the city of roses. The designation is based on the city’s many flourishing and lush rose gardens.

Dinner and overnight stay.

The Rauma Railway in Norway
The Rauma Railway – one of the most beautiful train rides in Norway. Photo: Vy.

Day 4

Departure from the hotel.  Driving along the west coast to the Atlantic road National Tourist route, photo stop. We continue to Valsøytunet for lunch in these the beautiful surroundings. Lunch is served in the “Saltrøfjøset”, an old building from 1760. After lunch, arrival at Thamshavnbanen and Orkla Industry Museum. Explore the museum and enjoy the ride on this historic train from Bårdshaug to Løkken Verk.

An alternative is to have lunch in the mines at Orkla Industry Museum, Løkken Verk, where you can enjoy both lunch and a guided tour. The lunch is served in the caves that the miners made.

Later on, we drive to Surnadal for check-in and dinner at the Thon Hotel Surnadal.

Interiør Valsøytunet.
Lunch is served in “Saltrøfjøset”. Photo: Valsøytunet.

Day 5

Enjoy a nice breakfast at the hotel after a good nights sleep. On our way to Oppdal and Gudbrandsdalen, we will stop at the Svinvik Arboret, a beautiful botanical garden close to Todalsfjorden.

We will make a short stop at Oppdal. From here our journey runs across the Dovrefjell mountains. If you are lucky, you might get a glimpse of the musk ox. We will have lunch in Dombås or at Dale-Gudbrands Gard in Hundorp.

Dale-Gudbrands Gard. Photo: Ian Brodie

  From here, we travel down the Gudbrandsdalen Valley to our destination for the day, the new Wood hotel at Brumunddal. The brand new hotel is the world’s tallest wood building. Staying here will give you an extraordinary view of lake Mjøsa. The dinner will be served at the hotel.

Wood Hotel by Frich’s. Photo: Ian Brodie.

Day 6

Explore quiet city life, museums, and enjoy a stop at a local distillery.

A short drive from Brummundal you find the charming city Hamar. Here we will visit medival Hamar at the Anno Domkirkeodden, one of the most beautiful museums in the world (Format Magazine) and/or the Norwegian Railway Museum. Here you will get an insight to the growth of Norwegian communities during the 1800s and 1900s. The exhibition links railway history to the development of new technology.

There is also a possibility to stop at Atlungstad Distillery for a guided tour. Lunch will be served at Atlungstad Distillery, or in Oslo.

In Oslo, you can visit a variety of attractions. Why not take a walk to The Royal Castle or Vigelandsparken? Obviously, the possibilities for shopping are great in Oslo.

Enjoy a nice dinner and fall asleep in a nice bed on your last night I Norway.

Visit medival Hamar at Domkirkeodden. Photo: Domkirkeoddens fotoarkiver

Day 7

Are you ready to head back home? On the final day of the trip, we travel by bus to Oslo Airport before we say goodbye, or hopefully: “see you soon”.


  • Oslo – Beitostølen   3,5 hours
  • Beitostølen – Dombås   2,5 hours
  • Dombås –  Åndalsnes  2 hours
  • Åndalsnes – Molde    1 hour
  • Molde – Atlantic road – Valsøytunet  3 hours
  • Valsøya – Bårdshaug  1 hour
  • Bårdshaug  – Løkken verk  50 minutes by historic train
  • Løkken verk – Surnadal  1 hour
  • Surnadal – Oppdal    2 hours
  • Oppdal – Dombås  1 hour
  • Dombås – Brumunddal 2,5 hours
  • Brumunddal – Hamar 20 minutes
  • Hamar – Oslo   1,5 hours
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