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Get to know the mountains and inland of Norway, off the beaten track. Explore national parks, challenge yourself in the Ola-bil raceway. 

DAY 1 Spain – Beitostølen

Departure from Spain, arrival at Oslo Airport. Pick up rental car and drive to Beitostølen. Dinner and overnight stay in Bergo Hotel Beitostølen for 2 nights.

DAY 2 Beitostølen

Explore the Jotunheimen National park and enjoy village life, local produce and local handicrafts. You may walk up the alpine slopes to get the magnificent views of the surroundings and the top of the mountain Bitihorn. You can also try the “Ola-bil”, driving down the raceway.

Alternative; Boat excursion lake Bygdin. Departure from the village centre by coach to Bygdin, continue by passenger boat across the hill stretch of lake Bygdin to Eidsbugarden. Enjoy the sight of the Jotunheimen National Park with panoramas of high peaks and glaciers. Return by coach along lake Vangsmjøsa. Visit a Stave Church and the oldest house in Valdres. Return over the Slettefjell pass. You can make this trip with your own car to Bygdin. Other options also available.

Beitolstølen – walking in the mountains.

DAY 3 Beitostølen – Lom – Skjåk – Vinstra

Drive across the Valdresflye national tourist route in the morning along Jotunheimen National park. Photo stops recommended. Continue to Lom, the national park village. Make a stop here to explore the village on your own and visit the famous Lom Bakery. We suggest a lunch stop in Bismo, Skjåk at Skeid Kro. Now you drive through Ottadalen valley on your way to Vinstra. An option is to drive through Heidal valley with its picturesque landscape, old farms and local produce. In the afternoon, visit the Ringebu Stave Church and drive up the mountains to get good views of Rondane national park. Dale-Gudbrands Gard, 2 nights incl dinner.

DAY 4 In Gudbrandsdalen

There are several options for day excursions:

  1. The hidden treasures/ off the beaten track. Drive the Peer Gynt road and the Bjørnson road through Espedalen. Visit the writer Bjørnstjerne Bjørnsons home. Lunch. Make a stop at Ringebu to explore the nice village and get a taste of local produce at Anni’s.
  2. Visit the beautiful Dovrefjell national park and make a short walk to the Viewpoint Snøhetta. If you are lucky you might get a glimpse of the musk ox. Lunch. A stop in the mountain village Dombås on return.
  3. A day tour with Raumabanen exploring the Åndalsnes town, taking Raumabanen from Dombås to Åndalsnes and back.
  4. A walk along the pilgrimage path.
Foto: Gudbrandsdalsmusea. Per Gunnar Hagelien
Foto: Gudbrandsdalsmusea. Per Gunnar Hagelien

DAY 5 Vinstra – Oslo

Departure from Vinstra. Arrival at Oslo Airport Gardermoen. Travel back to Spain.


For tour operators interested in this tour for the FIT Market, please contact

Best of Scandinavia Incoming AS
Bygdinvegen 3780,
N-2953 Beitostølen.

Phone: +47 61 35 22 00

Photos in gallery below: Besseggen ( Photo: Beitostølen Resort), Dale-Gudbrands Gard (Foto: Ian Brodie), Car race track (Photo: Beitostølen Resort), Dale-Gudbrands Gard (Photo: Ian Brodie)* 2, Romsdalshorn and the train (Photo: Ole Jonnhy Olestad), view (Photo: Gudbrandsdalsmusea, Per Gunnar Hagelien) and pilgrims (Photo: Gudbrandsdalsmusea, Per Gunnar Hagelien)


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